We are a full-service Computer solution company built for the now construction industry. We partner with our clients to drive their business with best-in-class Modeling, Drafting and Estimating services. Our company believes strongly in the BIM benefits.



Shop drawings are the best tool a contractor has in the field, at least that’s how we prepare our drawings.

Drawings are a clear representation of how duct, piping, conduit, and equipment should be installed in the field.

All our sheet metal and piping drawings will come with a fabrication take-off by pieces, facilitating ordering material for the project. Our bill of the material report can be compared to your estimate. 

Pieces in the drawings represent an actual shape that has information like, size length, weight elevation, and elements data, making our drawings ready to be coordinated in a BIM software.

Keeping our company updated with the latest BIM technologies and software empower us to be able to work with the best in the market.

Used software:

Revit, Navisworks, MEP fabrication, Recap, Faro technologies, Autocad, BIM360 BuildingSMART, Trimble.


How much time and money you spent in the past because you missed a penetration or another trade conflict with your work. How many times a simple task has to be done two or three times because your equipment is interfering with another trade?

BIM level 2

3D Coordination drawings build the job before is even started ensuring there is not a conflict between trades or a height problem with the architect and other trades. Anticipating clash crashes can save the owner and trades enormous amount of time and money, reducing change orders and rework in the field.

Not only it reduces rework but it helps the job go smoother and planned.

Is calculated that one hour in design or coordination can affect up to 80 hours in the field.

From all standing points, it’s more cost-effective and reliable to have a job precoordinated even from design stages.

Using the most modern coordination and clash detection software makes our work the best quality. Software used: REVIT-Naviswork-Practicad.


Our Estimating service helps the estimating department focus on their big number while we complete the time-consuming ones, we offer material take off with breakdowns in material type, system, floor… etc.

Our estimating service consists of a complete take-off including:

  • Reading Specifications to take off correct materials
  • Sheet metal and piping take off (fabrication and installation cost)
  • Equipment take-off, with estimated installation labor.
  • All the above in an easy to understand excel sheet

Once the estimate is complete and the job is awarded, we will make a comparison of material estimated cost and material installed cost, showing the accuracy of our work, based out of show drawing. Using the most modern estimating software makes our work the best quality. Software used: Autobid-Wendes-Revit.


All locations on the earth have its own advantages and disadvantages based on is position on the globe.  Studding projects and its surrounding to use their natural position into your advantage is what we called bioclimatic and sustainability

Knowing the environment in which your project will be situated will give you energy, comfort benefits and building life cycle cost with no large investment just some planning, the following are some of the natural factors you should consider in your preliminary design.

Radiation (Sun heating energy) Using the solar energy as your resource to accumulate heat for colder temperatures at night or to keep building warm during the day. Knowing which zones are more affected by radiation will help us prevent from peak temperatures point or at least give us the resource to calculate properly the heating/cooling load in those areas.

Illumination (sun path light) Earth follows an almost identical and calculable path around the Sun every year, guaranty the adequate amount natural light, depending on the needs of the space, will help your building get more hours of natural light means having fewer hours of your electric lights on. 

 –Shadow mask Created by the reflection of the sun into the building can be used to keep areas protected from sun direct light or natural cooling certain areas, as well as avoiding having areas with excessive heat demand. 

Natural ventilation, Natural draft ventilation is generated by winds depending on your globe position, having a natural draft of wind in your building can make zones more comfortable and environmentally friendly.  It can also help reduce energy cost by naturally ventilating certain areas.

As part of our services, we study projects from the design in the conceptual phase (at this point most of the recommendations will be made), up to the as-built to ensure that all recommendations were taken in consideration and show the bioclimatic advantages and results.


3D Laser Scan

Laser scanning allows for a highly accurate representation of actual site conditions, a 3D scan reads millions of points by second and generates an image based on those millions of points called Point Cloud. This Point Cloud can be used to create a CAD or Revit model representing the scanned area.

-3D Scan is usually used as asbuilt and preservation models. As-Built drawings are known for its inaccuracy and tend to be a problem when going back to the site and finding that the plans don’t match the installed. With an As-built scan, this model will be accurate and can be saved and modify based on future changes

-Where there is a tight, hard to reach or uncertain area, where calculating and layout od trades is hard to layout, a scan can be done and baes of the scan reading a 3D software can be used to design and have pieces prefabricated to match existing site conditions. Prefabrication and pre-coordination will save you a ton of time in layout, rework and waste of material.

-Creating a model based on a scan ensures the accuracy of it, scans can be set up to an accuracy of 0.001”


As a consequence of not accurate as-built drawings or incorrect preservation of drawings, building owners and contractors find themselves in a situation where there is no accurate or even no representation of system installed on a project. We offer to come in the building/Project and start documenting and recreating this lost information.

Sometimes scan can be used to survey buildings, in most cases, there are ceilings and objects in the way of the desired objective, in that case, manually measure of the survey the site is required in this case.